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Add Your First Class &
Test Assignment

After a few simple steps, your students will be taking their first diagnostic test online, in the Knowledge Tools testing platform.

Here are the steps to your first test:

  • Add a class & upload the class enrollment
  • Add a test assignment
  • Proctor the test assignment

Once the test is proctored, you provide your class a unique link to the exam, where they can log in with their name and student ID. That's it!

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View A Diagnostic
Test Report

Immediately after your students complete their tests, our diagnostic test results report is available for you to view. The report is divided into reporting sections:

  • Test Summary
  • Topic Summary
  • Item Analysis
  • Answer Timings
  • Individual Results

Additionally, the test results data can be downloaded for additional analysis. We also provide a PDF version of the result report, including individual student diagnosis letters which can be delivered to students and parents.