About Us

As the Mathematics Diagnostics Testing Project (MDTP) only provides test to California-based schools, Knowledge Tools was founded with the primary aim of extending the highly effective Mathematics Diagnostics Testing Project platform to the entire country.

Having licensed the tests from MDTP, we are committed to providing quality online diagnostic tests to every student in the United States, to help smoothen their transition into college mathematics courses!

At Knowledge Tools, we are also committed to providing services and materials to adequately enhance students’ readiness and preparation for college mathematics courses, as well as provide the needed support and analytics to guarantee their success. What’s more, our tests help improve learning.

For teachers, our online diagnostic tests afford them the opportunity to succinctly adapt their instructions and curriculum to perfectly fit the specific needs of each of their students. Also, our MDTP tests allows them to directly identify pain points, and work with each student to adequately overcome any shortcoming or lack of skill.

We also provide administrators and schools with the MDTP resource and materials needed to aid and direct collaborative departmental initiatives and discussions, necessary to develop important and effective enrichment and intervention programs. Apart from this, our tests help guide informed decisions on policy, and to provide adequate placement support.

Are you ready to provide the best avenue for your students to prepare for college mathematics courses, improve their learning accordingly, and enhance their mathematics skills? Sign up your students to our online MTDP tests now!

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