947,929  tests have been taken using our online testing platform.

Hundreds of students benefit from taking MDTP diagnostic math assessment tests every day. How about your students?

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Knowledge Tools and UCSD partnership

Knowledge Tools & MDTP testing

In Partnership with The University of California, California State University and MDTP

Preparing students for college mathematics courses

School Administrators, do you want to provide your teachers with the necessary tools to adequately give your students a competitive edge in their preparation for college mathematics courses?

The Mathematics Diagnostics Testing Project (MDTP) tests not only prepare your students for mathematics courses in college, they also gauge their readiness, providing an avenue to point out their specific weaknesses, and adequately improve on them.

Are your students prepared for college mathematics courses?

At Knowledge Tools, we provide analytic online math testing with instant results, geared at adequately assessing your students’ mathematical skills and abilities. Although the MDTP tests are by no means a substitute for final exams, these tests are however efficient diagnostic tools, that help prepare your students for the comprehensive exams, and ensure that they are in the best shape to excel!

Why sign up for our MDTP tests?

Get Adequate Diagnostic Information Apart from measuring the students’ readiness for college mathematical courses, the MDTP tests also provide adequate diagnostic information about their preparedness, making it very easy for teachers and students to directly identify and focus on areas that need improvements.

For teachers, that could mean more focus on specific courses and more attention on honing specific skills lacking in students; while the students are more aware of areas where additional study is required. Ready to take advantage of the MDTP tests?

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The Knowledge Tools-University of California Partnership Press Release

The partnership of Knowledge Tools, LLC and the University of California was announced in this recent press release.
We're proud to be working with MDTP on this worthwhile project.
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MDTP tests allow me to see what are the areas of strengths and weaknesses among my students. I give a test at the beginning of the year, and then I give another in the middle of the school year. This allows me to see if there is growth among the students. Also, this allows me to assess my own teaching to see if students have developed a better understanding on the concepts they struggled with initially.
Genevieve Esmende Wangenheim Middle School
I think it's important to participate in the testing program because it shows the teacher what I know and don't know. It also helps me understand what I don't know and what I need to work on for future assignments.
A Student Wangenheim Middle School

Using MDTP Tests from Knowledge Tools in your School

As a Teaching Tool

  • MDTP tests are diagnostic assessments that identify students' current math understanding.
  • Analyzing MDTP diagnostic results is the first step in a formative assessment cycle used to understand students' content strengths and areas where interventions and support are needed.
  • MDTP diagnostic results inform interventions and supports to remedy identified mathematical misconceptions and close gaps in mathematical content knowledge.

As a Powerful Analysis Tool

  • Accessing the online testing system is quick and easy, and users can administer tests immediately.
  • MDTP diagnostic test results are available instantaneously.
  • Students receive feedback about their mathematical strengths and areas of potential growth.
  • MDTP results can be sorted, aggregated, disaggregated, and drilled into to identify areas of need.
  • All MDTP result data is exportable.

Additional MDTP Testing Benefits

  • Reliable Proficiency Tests

    By taking the MDTP tests, it is easy to assess your students’ mathematical proficiencies, and how their performances match the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in college mathematics courses. Overall performance of each student in the online tests is also a reliable yardstick to determine appropriate placements. What’s more, the tests provide an opportunity to adequately determine counseling ranges and cut scores.

  • Improve Learning

    In preparation for final exams and college mathematics courses, the MDTP tests provide teachers with detailed and timely feedbacks on students’ mathematical abilities. This therefore helps them formulate bespoke learning plans for each student accordingly, thereby meeting the specific learning needs of each student. Apart from adequately improving learning and integration of new skills, the tests also ensure that observable improvements on each courses are achieved.

  • Get More Value For Less

    While others test providers have a per test pricing model, at Knowledge Tools, our pricing model is tiered, and as such, our rates are based on the number of students taking the tests. This way, you can save more on each student, and your students can each get more value by taking an unlimited number of MDTP tests! What’s more, comprehensive test results are available to the teachers and administrators immediately!

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Knowledge Tool - MDTP Tests

947,929  tests have been taken using our online testing platform.

Hundreds of students benefit from taking MDTP diagnostic math assessment tests every day. How about your students?

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Using Online Math Tests for Teaching and Analysis

Teachers know the difficulty of trying to analyze student abilities without proper tools. By using math assessment diagnostics tests or math skills assessment tests, provided by Knowledge Tools, to verify the strengths and weaknesses of a student, teachers will be able to ensure that all of their students get the proper math education that they need in order to be successful.

Using a Math Placement Test

By using a basic online math test or an advanced math placement test, teachers are able to ensure that all students have a solid understanding of the math that is being taught. We have found that using a math skills diagnostic test will allow teachers to verify what students are learning and to provide them with feedback about their education. At Knowledge Tools, we provide choices so when teachers are looking for an online math test they can find the one that will best meet the needs of their class.

Preparation for College

It is imperative that students are not only prepared for college, but also that they are placed in the right math class. Using our college math assessment test will ensure that students have the solid foundation needed to succeed in college. Our college math placement test will help students to choose the right college math class for their needs.

At Knowledge Tools, we are happy to provide the college placement math assessment tests that teachers need to make sure their students are ready for college math, as well as online mathematics assessment tests. By understanding what additional help students need, teachers can ensure that they are able to offer the best math education possible, and we are here to help.